Professional Websites Created To Build Relationships and Multiply Sales

web_designYou need a website that brilliantly showcases your products and services and at the same time enhances your company’s image and brand. We build websites  coded UPFRONT with SEO (search engine optimization) in mind so that your site will be found in the search engines by more people.

To engage people, a website needs to ‘encourage’  visitors to TAKE ACTION. Each action works to build relationships and build RESULTS for your business!

The Old Days of Website Design Are Gone Forever

Gone are the days when all a website designer/coder needed to know was how to draw a pretty design and type some code and make it all render neatly in a browser.

Nowadays, that’s NOT enough!

moreYou need MORE …Concept MORE that is! Great website design starts with a ‘conversion-mentality.’

The best designers now ask themselves a series of questions during the designing process:

“How should we lay out this page? What blend of colors should we use? Where should we put the design elements in order to maximize conversions?”

Things like color, layout, and contrast are all very important when it comes to increasing the amount of visitors that both STAY on your website long enough to take the desired action(s) that you NEED them to take in order for you to be successful. But even more important than these design elements, you need the services of designers who understand copy. You need copywriters that understand what ‘conversion-mentality’ is all about. THIS is the missing piece in the majority of websites out there. Websites built by designers who don’t understand or appreciate the art and science in creating copy simply WONT achieve the same results that our designers do. Without good copy-writing …your results will always be limited.

Good Designers Also Need to Know About Search Engine Optimization

Additionally, knowledge of search engine optimization is PARAMOUNT when it comes to designing a great website.

For example, websites that are designed too ‘top-heavy’ with design elements pushing the content on every page below the fold will come back to bite you when it comes to search engines, as search engine algorithms are already penalizing sites that do just that.

After a website is designed, it must be coded. Can one code a website without possessing any special SEO and conversion skills? Aren’t SEO and conversion optimization something that takes place after coding? Absolutely NOT.

Sites that are ‘cleanly’ coded not only have a distinct advantage when it comes to showing up in the search engines, but they also Website building , under construction or repairaffect conversions.

Poorly-coded sites are typically harder to make changes to (and you ARE making changes and testing what works and doesn’t on your website… right?).

Poorly-coded sites usually load slower, agitating visitors AND search engines.

You need web development expertise from a company that has this kind of experience …this will give you the best chance of building relationships with your online prospects. This will give you the best “bang for your buck” when it comes to every dollar spent to get people to your website.

We Have the Experience You Need

Since 2009, we’ve coded hundreds of websites. We pride ourselves in the fact that we never use a cookie-cutter approach.

Most of our websites are ‘made-from-scratch’ custom-designed and coded websites — all designed and coded with SEO, incredibly powerful copy and conversion-optimization in mind.

No matter which type of website you’re looking for (eCommerce/shopping cart, local business, national business, etc.)… we can help.

Call us today at 866-923-2941 for a no-obligation consultation or schedule an appointment through our online booking system.

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