It’s a brand new DIGITAL World!

Living a Laptop Lifestyle is what it’s all about for those striving to create freedom with an online presence. It’s about having, giving and doing MORE in life. For many, they are seeking a way to provide for themselves and their families in a way that allows them to live MORE deliberately.  Looking for freedom and autonomy is natural …but it’s not something that most of us are exposed to during our formal education.

When I first started Concept More I began by helping others develop a plan and a strategy for their online marketing. As an entrepreneur myself …I knew first hand how difficult it was to “navigate the waters” and learn the necessary marketing skills to actually make a profit. And with so many people out there trying to sell training, products and services online …it’s virtually impossible to know the true value of what you come across online.

The hard lessons I learned while on my own path as an online entrepreneur were a natural and fruitful training ground for developing  the skills and strategic plan for a successful online marketing campaign.

My method consists of these steps:

  • Start with a simple, teachable plan/product that allows people to earn as they learn. (Design, Planning, Execution)
  • Teach people to be marketing “Project Managers.”
  • Implement a business model that allows for continual growth through re-investment and an introduction to top-tier product lines.
  • Scale the business to provide revenue growth, then create and introduce your own products.

I do all this while providing personal and continual mentoring along the way.

No doubt …there are an unending number of ways to make it all happen.  And whatever your way might be, doing something you love and enjoy from day to day is as important as any single facet. At Concept MORE I’ve chosen marketing and the revolving world around it as my means to an end. And I’ve made it my goal to help as many people as we can find their way to that same promise land.

Whatever your marketing goal….I can and I WILL help you along your way.

But is it really all about the marketing?

For many people, they are genuinely offended at the mere thought that somehow the marketing of their product could be more important than the product itself. I understand the way they feel, but I know there is more to the story. And that bit of MORE is what I think of as the Big Picture.

The Big Picture could be means to an end. But that would hardly be the point.

The Big Picture could be in the giving. After all, when we have more in life….we’ll all be willing to give MORE…right?

Its not exactly a secret, …but for so many people it seems to be an elusive truth that never becomes a part of their lives. GIVING first, when there is little for you to share with others….inevitably….this will bring the real miracles into your life.

At Concept MORE I strive to have more for everyone. I believe strongly in the act of giving. I also never shy away from the joy of having more for myself, for my friends and for my family as well.

I love to hear stories of success that result from the path of a successful Internet business. I follow along on the trips and vacations. I love to see the new homes, the second homes, the big toys and the little toys alike. And I love to hear about all the many ways that inspiration takes root and feeds the flames of motivation over and over again with each and every success.

I look forward to hearing from you as well – and of course, I look forward to hearing of your success.

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