Concept MORE! is a full service marketing firm and can absolutely increase the number of leads and paying customers for your business. Using the latest marketing tools and technologies we put together a strategic plan tailored to your business.

That’s who we are in a boring, but accurate statement about our company. But we are much more than this … it’s WHAT WE DO that matters most to our customers.

We help you optimize your marketing and website in ways that get you closer to achieving your overall personal goals …this is true whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or a fortune 500 company. Our attention is focused like a laser beam to determine your goals and insure you achieve them!

Hi, my DSCF3707.jpgname is Allen Welsh. I started Concept More to help entrepreneurs much like myself …trying to build a business and profits to  support their dreams for the future. What I learned along the way is key to all success online. Find a way to help as many people as possible and you will always be heading in the right direction. And isn’t this true of any good marketing as well? Since Concept More’s beginning in 2009, I’ve put together a team of  marketing professionals dedicated to helping business’ target their audience and increase sales to get better Return On Investment (ROI) for every advertising dollar.

Our solutions help businesses target their mobile savvy audience, which in turn will help generate more business and increase sales.

We offer a full suite of services including mobile ready website design and development, SEO, email and social media marketing …content creation, customer relationship management, reputation management, as well as a host of services surrounding PPC, ad re-targeting and facebook advertising. We provide all of these services complete with full service consulting that simplifies and explains the entire process to our holistic approach to marketing.

In addition to our marketing, we continue to extend educational services to our clients and independent entrepreneurs interested in the minutia of marketing science. All of us at Concept More see marketing as  a blessing and a passion that fuels our greatest ambition. For some, marketing is simply a means to an end …we understand it to be something more.

If you’re looking for a company truly inspired to help you reach your goals and optimize your marketing dollars, please contact us and see if we are a good fit for you and your business.

Call us today at 866-923-2941 for a no-obligation assessment, or schedule an appointment through our online booking system.

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